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HOW TO CONNECT YOUR ANDROID PHONES INTERNET TO AN XBOX 360 or PS3 Tether your Android phone to a xbox360, PS3, Nintendo DS, another phone. Android with 2.2 and above can tether ie make your phone into a wireless internet modem. With 3 networks TheOnePlan, you can completely benefit with this unlimited internet plan

Quick mod for iPhones/iPod touches that allows you to have the Android lock screen (Connect the dots). Cydia- App: Android Lock **Be sure to reboot your device after downloading it! SUBSCRIBE!


  1. @ab565188 No, can only work via wifi mate, sorry

  2. ab565188 says:

    can this be done uring usb if ur xbox doesnt hav wifi

  3. OMG you have the same Xbox 360 theme as me!? :D

  4. JGNova1 says:

    can u use it on Huawei Asecend and what app do u need?

  5. @jakester1999imtheman its abit wierd sometimes but i dont think it works on the droid X unless you root the phone.

  6. @DJAndroidGEEK Does it work with a Droid X? Cause I tried but it would never say Connected to Internet… but it did say connected to network

  7. dakied says:

    lol AWESOME ACCENT!!!!!

  8. @CodyBeach322 yh COD is funny sometimes

  9. CodyBeach322 says:

    the only prob is after you do all this and get online and sign in for ps3, when i go to play mw3 it wont lett me i can sign in but it wont let me play multiplayer online

  10. @HardCoreConkerFan26 Yh, most of the HTC range have tethering

  11. @DJAndroidGEEK my phone is Android 2.3, no, all it has under USB tethering is ‘help’.

  12. @DJAndroidGEEK just found out that it has to be rooted. Abit annoying. Option 1: Root your phone. Option 2: Sell or trade in your phone, then buy a Samsung Galaxy S2 or a Galaxy W

  13. @Zombiieunicorn1 Is’nt it Android 2.3. hmmm, confused why it doesnt have wireless tethering…Q. Doesn’t it have Portable WI-FI Hotspot Settings below USB tethering? Weird. Your network might be blocking this service

  14. 02:14 my phone only has USB tethering. i have a samsung conquer 4G, is there anyway i could do it anyway?

  15. @rayarrollado optimus v, model number please, also how much internet data does virgin give you. As long as your phone has Android 2.2 it will work

  16. @AlphaFoxDelta360 what Android phone are using and what network. are you on contract or pay as you go. Some providers don’t provide tethering, and if do, it’s can expensive. As long as your Android device has Android 2.2 and above it will work.

  17. @AlphaFoxDelta360 you can via tethering

  18. rayarrollado says:

    can lg optimus v virgin mobile work good?

  19. Is there any way at all doing this type of method with the wii? With out using the r j 45 cable because the wii’s don’t have the hook up. Only usb. I use easytether pro on my computer using usb, do you think there is a way for me to connect my android phone via usb using some program to get internet into the wii. Thank you very much in advance, your reply will be very helpful :)

  20. whether it also applies to the Sony Ericsson Xperia 10Xmini

  21. MrColby172 says:

    @broly577 same and now fore some reason my phone wont even come up with the tether option under settings

  22. @DJAndroidGEEK skype me: skype name: stretford.3.1

  23. never knew batman makes tutorials

  24. thanks this helped me alot

  25. XaioStunt says:

    it said can not comply??

  26. afrikaano says:

    Yu are thee mann…..thank you very much…:-D

  27. JakeLolwtf says:

    Dude this is sweet =D thanks

  28. haha 0000 is my ipod password

  29. dudeman655 says:

    @bentousali2 you have to jail break your ipod/iphone

  30. ryanrcfc says:

    This doesn’t work for 4.0 bumr

  31. MotoXVideos says:

    Thanks man appreciate it.

  32. ugh i want the iphone but i have verison>>……omg hate this..

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