HTC WildFire + WildPuzzle ROM – Froyo 2.2 @ 768 MHz

Posted by admin November - 30 - 2011 - Wednesday

PLEASE!! make a backup before try to flash your phone! My HTC WildFire Rooted with WildPuzzle ROM v8.0.11 and Android Froyo 2.2 app2sd, Market unlocked. Overclocked kernel @ 768 MHz (+68.2% from stock) instructions here: by Francesco Cruciani – frx08

25 Responses to “HTC WildFire + WildPuzzle ROM – Froyo 2.2 @ 768 MHz”

  1. killerhobo97 says:

    3 mflops! I get 7 with 600mhz on wildfire S

  2. NiclasPachur says:

    Can someone please post a working downloadlink?

  3. kridekride says:

    What shall I do if it comes a android phone in the background and a big warning symbol over the screen when I click recoverr!?!?!?!??!

  4. xFeyth says:

    @KucA1221 i dont know about him but for me , i rooted at 2.1 and updated to 2.2 so, it is still rooted

  5. captainkid1 says:

    Need a tutorial.
    Tired of people throwing around links with half instructions.

  6. TriX794 says:

    How Do I Get the original Rom for HTC wildfire because when i tried to install the rom it installed it but did not get all the apps and widgets If you can help that will be great.

  7. heizerules says:

    what risk i have for OC my phone :( ?

  8. guusvb1995 says:

    why are a lot people saying it’s fake?
    I know why, cause they are to noob to do this >.<
    My phone runs cyanogenmod7 now.
    What do you like the most to use?

  9. its not working
    iv held down VOLUME and POWER and didnt do that Loading thing

  10. MrIpodguitar says:


  11. bullseye9572 says:

    You people are android users ! So no need to ask the name of the song anymore , just ask Shazam , he gets you the perfect answer.

  12. 50Clocc says:

    Whats the Widget at 3:14 showing CPU usage, temp??

  13. McBeaness says:

    That first screen once came up on my wildfire. I haven’t rooted it and have not played with the software. How do you get it?

  14. djmazirokz says:

    Sorry it was *I not *U
    “Dude wen i select recovery”

  15. djmazirokz says:

    Dude wen u select recovery the screen shows a error or warning sign with a wildfire in black background

  16. Paky94ful says:

    Scusa io ho montato la CM7 sul wildfire ma qualcosa è andato storto ed ora il telefono se lo accendo continua soltanto a mostrare l’android sullo skate che carica .. cosa posso fare ?

  17. lwxmb19 says:

    can anyone tell me what image i can use please give link anythink .

  18. rccarvids294 says:

    @KucA1221 this is not fake, ive done it =D

  19. Allxcore says:

    @strapko100 Flash your kernel.

  20. AngusButtons says:

    @yellowocean155 Help you in what way? If you do go ahead and root your phone be careful it doesnt over heat which is a common thing with over clocking :) be careful :p

  21. @Az4z3l11 hhhmmmm thats pretty complicating, i’m planning to reboot it at service center, thanks anyway

  22. Az4z3l11 says:

    @yellowocean155 goto alpharev(dot)nl/x/beta/, then download superoneclick (or use fastboot.exe) to root your phone. After that you can find plenty of ROMs available on XDA Developers.

  23. i’m just a ordinary 14 yrs old boy, i’m not a geek, i have a Wildfire. This wildpuzzle thingy sounds really cool, but I’m afraid if any failure happen to my phone if i upgrade it, but I really want it, can someone help me??

  24. Az4z3l11 says:

    Sorry for the late rsponse, but tell me, where did you find that boot screen animation at QVGA resolution :)

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